Our Mission

Provide exemplarily, well rounded adult health care.

The first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.
— William Osler, Physician; Father of Modern Medicine


ROBIN OBER, DO, Internal Medicine

Dr. Ober is a native of the Pacific Northwest & was raised with a love of the mountains and water; Alaska was an ideal choice to set roots.  She grew up tagging along after two older brothers, which fostered exposure and broad interest in many activities.  She was lucky enough to have spent a good deal of her formative years doing martial arts, hunting, fishing, hiking, track & field, yoga, and later continued her love of sports with collegiate rowing.  She is still quite active exploring with hiking adventures, snowboarding, yoga, climbing, and Crossfit (for which she is both a Crossfit Strongman & CF L1 coach locally).  She is eager to discover more of Alaska’s expansive offerings.

Dr. Ober did her undergraduate training in the Puget Sound area, and obtained her BS in Exercise Kinesiology, where she thought she might engage in athletic research.  After several years working in orthopedic outpatient physical therapy, she elected that she would continue on in Health Care, with a hands-on focus, and attended medical school at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in Southern California.   



She chose to stay in California for her Internal Medicine residency, at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center – a Level II Trauma Center, hosting the second busiest ER in California and serving a county of over two million diverse patients.

After completing her medical training in Southern California, she had the privilege to serve in the US Air Force as an internist.  Dr. Ober is a 3rd generation military member.  After retiring from active duty, she moved up to Anchorage to establish a new home with new adventures.