Internal Medicine physicians (internists)

...are specialists in adult medicine, using scientific knowledge and the application of clinical expertise in the art of diagnosis, treatment and empathetic care of their patients.  

Internists work closely with other physicians: surgeons, general PRACTITIONERS, and specialists to optimize medical management for those in their charge.  Some may choose to think of their internist as the conductor of the orchestra or the foreman of a construction site.

Internal Medicine physicians have been referred to as the "doctor's doctor," as they are often called upon as a consultant for other physicians; as well as often being the physician of choice when doctors finds themselves in the role of being a patient.


Annual Exams
Management and maintenance of complicated or multiple medical conditions and disease
Pre-surgical risk stratification for your procedure/surgery or surgeon
Coordination of medical care between multiple providers or specialists
Immunization reconciliation
Medication safety review
Referrals to specialists when warranted
Patient advocate & education
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